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Thank you for considering entering into business with us.

Contracting coffee with us is easy, and can serve several purposes. Our contracts are developed around the purchasing method that best suit you as a B2B, end user or wholesaler.

We have two types of purchasing methods:

Spot contract :

The coffee is already in our third party contracted warehouse and you can buy coffees just like you order goods from different sites and places. For this purchasing method, we have just one sample: a spot sample. when you decide to purchase it, it will be the exact bag of coffee that you’ve sampled.

Sampling is free and we encourage you to take advantage of the option in order to calibrate with your sales representative, so we can better understand the types of coffees you are searching for. We provide 250g samples of green coffee to customers with intent to calibrate or purchase.

Pricing is not published on our website due to daily market-based changes and different pricing structures for spot and contracted orders. For access to our current price lists, please send us an e-mail.

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Forward contract: 

Is an agreement to purchase coffee that will be arriving in the future. Normally the coffee has not been harvested and processed, or perhaps it afloat or hasn’t simply been shipped to the country that you operate in. 



B2B partners

We are not paying attention on the size of your business but rather but the mere fact that we want to see you excel in the product lines that you offer your clients. We would be delighted and very proud to be part of your growing family. Our drive is to provide excellence at all levels that we engage ourselves. Looking for weekly, monthly, or quarterly deliveries with no hustle. Please contact us. We will be more than thrilled to hear your thoughts.

Wholesale coffee partners

Thank you for considering the option of doing business with us. Our product lines are unique and so are the terms that we strive to engage in. We are at your service and together with our third-party partners, we will be delighted to be part of your supply chain. Please check our contact page  for more information.


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