Kenya – One of the best coffees in the world

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Besides the classification of the beans, there are other reasons for the high quality of coffee from Kenya. As a rule, harvesting is not done with the use of machines, but mainly by hand.
It can be categorized as Arabica coffee.

One of the most important coffee-growing regions is the Mount Kenya massif. The region is characterized by a humid tropical climate. Precipitation falls here on about 200 days of the year. In addition, the fertile volcanic soils offer the best possible conditions for coffee plants to thrive. Typically, the coffee cherries here are harvested exclusively by hand – and only when they have turned a deep red color. This ensures the high quality of the coffee.

„Passion and Experience for a special moment, because from the bean to the cup is a long way.“


Kenyan coffee is among the most balanced and complex in the world, renowned for its powerful, wine-like acidity and sweet fruity notes. The best Kenyans are typically exceptionally clean, with a long finish.

The following units can be selected

  • Standard 60kg Jute bags
  • Kilo sized ( upon request)
  • 30 kg vacuum bags

It’s all totally Green coffee beans

Coffee from Kenya today holds the reputation of being one of the best in the world. At the same time, the East African country is the continent’s largest exporter, along with Ethiopia, and is prized for the spicy, fruity notes of its beans.

At Wetu Trading, we place great value on a direct and sustainable relationship with the farms and it is important to us that the money for the coffee also reaches the farmers.

Your Customers Will Love Coffee from Kenya

The area around Mount Kenya, which incidentally helped give the country its name, but also the foothills are considered particularly fertile. On the mineral-rich volcanic ash and in the shade of the acacia trees, the fruits ripen under the best conditions imaginable. Coupled with a mild climate and seasonal rainfall, coffee beans thrive optimally in Kenya.

We have no purchase minimums. We will sell anything from 1 bag to a full container load of coffee.


White Rice

Pishori – Seeds of Gold

The Real Taste - Pishori Pure Rice from Kenya

Unique for its aroma and superior in taste

Pishori Kenya Rice draws food lovers with its unrivalled aroma and sweet taste and is a hall-mark of quality, second to none. In Kenya, it grows well in Mwea, Kirinyaga County.

‘Pure’ Mwea Pishori Rice lovers say that Mwea pishori rice is the best quality ever in the country based on its natural sweet taste and the unique delicate aroma. It’s long grains and a fact that the grains do not stick together after cooking.

Rice thrives in very nutrient-poor soils and tolerates prolonged periods of drought very well. The large, drooping leaves of this rice variety cover the soil and provide additional protection from the sun for the plant’s roots. In addition, the leaves suppress weeds that would harm the plant.


The following units can be selected

  • Wholesale units will from 25 kgs upwards
  • Minimum order being 25kgs

It’s all pure Pishori Rice.

In Mwea, the rice is harvested twice in a year (March and November/December) in which the latter is the major season.

Pishori grows exclusively in Mwea, on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Even there, only a single main harvest is possible in a year. It’s a delicate plant that demands constant love, care and affection

Rice varieties based on the grain size fall into three categories: long grain, medium grain, and short grain. The size of aromatic rice ranges from medium to long grain. The local Mwea Pishori rice is a medium grain and thus you can differentiate it from any other rice purported to be Pishori rice.

The color of well-aged and properly dried Pishori rice is “faded” white.


Gift Boxes

Barista Box . Coffee Explorer Box . Blended Family Box . Out of Africa . Bespoken Artisan Box

Great Variety - Coffee Gift Boxes from Kenya

Our gift boxes offer the best custom-made selection of coffee and accessories to match the preference of the companies, roasters, families, and individuals. They serve as the perfect gift if you are looking out for one. They are a sentimental way of connecting you to the farmers, artisans. Try us!

  • Barista Box- Made up of 3 types of roasted coffee beans originating from different regions/ country. We can achieve different roast


  • Coffee Explorer Box- This is for roasters, new business startups looking to explore the market and client’s preference. This package contains green coffee beans. We offer the beans from Uganda, Kenya, and Burundi.


  • Blended Family Box- This box explores the coffee blends. The blends are perfectly roasted to your preference and from our part


  • Out of AfricaThis box offers reserves and seasonal coffee varieties that we only get as micro lots. It serves as a perfect gourmet gift. We can offer this as green coffee beans and as roasted version.


  • Bespoken Artisan Box – Our borderless luxury curated gift box that comes with the perfect set of a fleece blanket custom- made name to it (on request) for companies and individuals looking for something unique to gift or deliver as a way of appreciation. This is all packed in a handmade basket made in different colours by artisans from Kenya.


Please be sure to check our accessories to compliment the gift boxes as well!



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Safari Fleece blankets . Maasai Shuka. African Kiondo . Detailed T-shirts

Accessories from Wetu Trading Company

Cool Gadgets on Offer - Accessories with Style

Signature Accessories –  All our signature accessories are custom made by local artisan. We believe in supporting local and working with local where we can. We strive to bring these talents on board and encourage to them to build on them. Wetu means our! And they make us who we are. Every product accessory has a story and ours is written on the back when you receive your product.

 Safari Fleece blankets

 100% cotton blanket lined with fleece.  Perfect for camping, picknicks or cozy cover ups at home. They come in different colours, prints and measuring 150cm by 200cm.

Maasai Shuka

100% cotton Light in weight and perfect for table layouts for restaurants and caffes or just simply at home. We offer them in a variety of prints and colours. They measure 150cm by 200cm.

African Kiondo

 When you carry these curated baskets for shopping or outdoors, you wear our hearts on your sleeves. You empower the local trade and support our brand. These bags are a work of art, and we love sharing talent. Please view the variety of colours. You are spoilt for choice.

Detailed T-shirts

 A good pair of Tee is a must have! Our 100% cotton stylish, modern, every day T-shirts in different sizes come custom made in different signature prints. Whether it is for you, staff uniform or a gift to others we have a good way of surprising you. Let us surprise you.