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Wetu Trading Company are Speciality Rice and Single Origin Green Coffee Beans Importers in the EU

Importing Green Raw Coffee and more from Kenya

For many coffee lovers and baristas, Kenyan coffee is one of the best in the world. We import a wide variety of high quality green green coffees. Kenyan coffees are not only some of the best in Africa, but also some of the best in the world, and we’re excited to share the exciting flavors and stories about the coffees with you.

Green coffee or raw coffee are unroasted coffee beans. It is obtained from the seeds of the coffee cherry, which are freed from the pulp and dried. High quality green coffee beans are the basis of any good coffee. Our coffees have intensely aromatic and fruity characteristics. Grown in the highlands of Kenya, it has balanced acidity, medium body and intense flavor:

Unroasted Coffee beans
Fully Washed and
naturally available

Single origin coffee
Sun-dried coffee beans

Hand picked

Double fermentation
Certified organic

Wetu Trading Company imports excellent organic Kenyan green coffee with unique characteristics. Grown in Kenya, processed by Kenyan farmers we ship the fresh coffee to our warehouses in Germany. From there we supply coffee roasters and coffee lovers all over the world.

We focus on maintaining the authenticity of the brand and company by working directly with chosen farmers that provide us with the quality that we strive to consistently delivery.

All our products are sourced from individual farms and farmers in east africa.


Wetu Trading Company - Get to know us


Allow me to introduce this brand that was born out of love and passion.

Wetu was chosen out of immense pride in the know how that coffee, rice, coffee gift boxes and our crafted accessories is not a one man’s business. We bask in the pride of the immense passion, energy, hardwork and resilence our merchants deliver throughout the year to keep us relevant and outstanding.

We draw our expertise from all our very able farmers, blended talents and professionals that make this brand what it is today.

We are open to serve clients and customers from all over the world. Our presence in Kenya and Stuttgart, Germany, gives us the chance to connect and serve you better.

Allow us to bring this borderless experience to you irrespective of where you are.


The Owner


As a farmer’s daughter, founder and owner of  Wetu Trading Company,  I was born and raised in Meru a small town on the slopes of Mt. Kenya in Eastern Province of Kenya, where majority of Coffee and Specialty Rice that we bring to you are sourced and grown.
Wetu TC is my pride and joy and if I am not on coffee business then as an Independent Retail Consultant, helping companies manage and deal with their stock challenges, exit countries or simply through their liquidation phase.

We at Wetu TC do not consider any client too small for us. We on the other hand are thrilled to hear from you and get to know you. Get to know the farmers, cooperatives and our key players as you browse through our cyberspace!

Asante sana!

Christine Gatwiri

Best Quality - Best Taste

Best Quality – Best Taste

The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority. Due to our close proximity to our producers, we have a direct influence on the quality of our coffee. We select only the best beans and deliver unblended, pure varieties with incomparable flavors.

Our mission

Our mission is to produce, process and deliver not only premium Arabica coffee while improving the production and living conditions of Kenyan coffee farmers, but also Pishori Pure White Rice.

Our trading concept

We work directly with small farms and coffee farmers on site and export the coffee, rice and Kenyan accessories like Kiondos, Maasai Shukas,  Barista T-shirts, Safari Fleece Blankets etc. to Germany without detours and without additional middlemen. This way we can guarantee the  farmers predictable purchase quantities and a real fair payment.

We have not forgotten our origins and are still deeply rooted in Kenya and the Kenyan culture.

“If you want to know the end,
look at the beginning.”

For the best quality we are of course willing to pay high prices that are not dependent on the world market price.


We passionately connect specialty coffee producers and roasters with the best organic green coffee beans for sale.

Facts and figures on coffee from Kenya

Small farmers account for about 60 percent of coffee cultivation in Kenya. That is around 600,000 farmers, with more than 1,000 large plantations in addition. The annual harvest volume of the entire country amounts to 800,000 to 850,000 bags of 60 kilograms each. Today, around six million people are employed in this sector of the economy.



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Established in 2021, „Wetu Trading Company“ strives to get the best products from Kenya for you.
We believe in a good and honest Business relationship.

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